Green Catch:

Sustaining Blue by Catching Green


Green Catch is an educational program for middle school students that addresses the issues surrounding sustainable seafood.



Green Catch revolves around the idea of sustainable seafood; seafood that is caught or raised in an environmentally and economically friendly way. Green Catch’s primary objective is to increase awareness and provide outlets for progressive action.  The concept is two-fold:  first, educate middle school children, and second, educate the friends and families of these children so that they can know what their child is learning in class, as well as become involved in sustainable seafood, themselves.



Green Catch is a comprehensive program designed to educate middle school children about the importance of sustainable seafood.  Green Catch began as the dream of just one Girl Scout, but through lots of hard work and research, it has become a reality.  A concise and organized package of materials, Green Catch makes it possible to squeeze a lot of information into the busy schedule of the modern-day educational system.